Current Litters

We have been raising and showing Japanese Chins since 2001. We bought Chin-Chin, our first Chin, from what we thought was a private Japanese Chin breeder in Brooklyn, NY. After we brought Chin-Chin home, we found out that he was the product of a puppy mill in Wisconsin and that we were lied to about his age (we were told 11 weeks, but he was really 22 weeks) and about his health (our vet said he was very sickly, and we had to hand feed and use an eye dropper to give him water). We had already fallen in love with Chin-Chin, and did not want to send him back to Brooklyn where he probably would have died. So we kept him, and he has been a real joy and blessing. (See pictures of Chin-Chin).

We fell in love with the breed and decided to get another Chin, this time from a reputable breeder. We found Faith Milton who has been raising and showing dogs 30 years and she had an expecting bitch.  Four months after getting our first Chin, we got another male Chin which was our first show dog, 
Mikado. Seven months later we bought Ebbi from Pat Suggs and Janice Say (Sasugi). Ebbi became our first Champion. In 2003 we bred Mikado and Ebbi and our first litter had 2 girls and 1 boy. We kept one of the girls and sold the other two.

We bought another bitch (Ki Shoubi) from Faith Milton (Huang Kong) and bred her with Sasugi Fly Me To The Mood - they had six puppies in that litter. We bought Myougi from Dale Martinson (Touche') .Later we bought Masashi from Bill & Peg Schnarrenberger (Randalets).  Using the Chin we brought into our fold and our own boys and girls we have bred many wonderful Chin.

We love our Chins. They have brought us so much joy and happiness. We breed so that others may share in our happiness. We are careful about who we breed - we want to produce good, no, make that great Chins. Whether they become Show Dogs or wonderful Pets, we strive for Chins to be as close as possible to the Breed Standard and to have that active, playful attitude that makes them the greatest breed!                                                                                                   

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